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Amazon de engrenagem de pico personalizada

  • Amazon de engrenagem de pico personalizada
  • Amazon de engrenagem de pico personalizada
  • Amazon de engrenagem de pico personalizada
  • Amazon de engrenagem de pico personalizada

Amazon de engrenagem de pico personalizada

    Preço unitário: 6.5 USD
    Quantidade de pedido mínimo: 10 Piece/Pieces
    Pacote: personalizadas
    produtividade: 10000
    marca: Bergek.
    transporte: Ocean,Land,Air
    Lugar de origem: China
    Habilidade da fonte: 800000
    Código HS: NON
    porta: ShenZhen

Descrição do produto

Gear type

There are many different types of gears for different ranges of use, and all are characterized by the shaft to which they are connected or the position of the shaft (which can be parallel, intersecting, or non-standard) and their tooth profile. This is a list of the most common types and their common uses.

Spur Gears: Spur gears are cylindrical parallel shafts and spur gears, and because of their simplicity, a wide range of applications, and cost-effectiveness, it is one of the most commonly used gear types. Spur gears bear and transmit radial loads and are commonly used in low-speed applications because they tend to generate noise at higher speeds

Peek gear

Helical/dry fixed-gears: Helical gears are also cylindrical but have helical teeth that form a spiral shape, so they can transmit torque and thrust, although the latter is not always useful in their applications and must be accommodated. The benefits of the spiral shape of the teeth are low noise and vibration levels at operation, even at high speeds, and the ability to deliver greater loads than spur gears.

Double helical/Miter gears: A miter gear is basically two helical gears glued together side by side, with teeth in opposite directions. The reason behind this arrangement is to eliminate the thrust generated in the monohelical gears by making the loads cancel each other out. The main disadvantage is that they are difficult to manufacture with the required precision and therefore very expensive to buy.

Peek gear

Bevel/helical gears: Bevel gears are intersecting shaft/shaft types, so they are joined at a vertical tilt. They are conical in shape, and their teeth can be straight or spiral for quieter operation. Although 90-degree angles between interconnected shafts are not mandatory, they are usually found in this arrangement, and they have exactly the same number of teeth, so the rotational speed is the same between the two. Such bevel gears, called helical gears, are used when no change in speed is required. The number of teeth on any other Angle and difference is referred to as a bevel gear device.

Hypoid gears: Hypoid gears are very similar to spiral bevel gears, the main difference is that their rotation axes do not coincide. As a result, great care must be taken to fabricate the Angle of the teeth placed on the hyperbolic conical part. They are typically used in applications that require deceleration/increase in speed, so they often appear in vehicle drivelines because the pinion does not have to sit above the hypoid gear but lies on its side, allowing for a more compact implementation.

Worm gear: Worm gear is a gear device, made up of cylindrical gears similar to helical gears. However, it also includes shaft gears which are characterized by threads arranged in parallel planes but rotating at an axial direction of 90 degrees relative to the first element. Due to the close connection of the two components, the worm gear drive operates quietly and without vibration. The most common type of worm gear application has decisive deceleration, locking, and precision characteristics. Typical examples of these types of gears are the tuning keys in stringed instruments.

Peek gear

Rack and pinion: Similar to the worm arrangement, the rack and pinion have a spur gear with a straight rack and pinion, one of which is firmly fixed in position while the other moves left and right. A typical application of rack and pinion is a steering wheel, where the spur gear is locked in position and the rack moves left and right, followed by a pull bar and steering arm that move to turn the wheel. Because the speed of the rack and pinion is very low, the teeth do not need to be tilted or helical and do not produce any sound or vibration.

Sprockets: Sprockets are a type of gear with sharp teeth because they are not meant to be attached to other gears, but to belts or chains. A typical example is a bicycle sprocket, whose teeth enter the gap in the metal chain to move the rear wheel forward. In industry, sprockets are usually found in conveyor systems, although other types of gears are often preferred, which are safer and less prone to wear.

Inner gear: An inner gear is a cylinder with teeth within its radius. The advantage of having such gears is that they save space, and they do not rotate in the opposite direction, so they are used in applications where those characteristics are required. Most typically, they are found in planetary gear systems

Epicyclic/planetary gears: A typical arrangement of epicyclic gears (or planetary gears) consists of a central spur gear and an external spur gear that moves circumferentially around it. The point of having this arrangement is to achieve an effective conversion from reciprocating motion to rotation. A typical example of such a system is the early steam locomotive, which shows that different types of gears have historically played an important role.

Product Descriptions:

Item: peek plastic moulding injection gears
Color: Nature, black.
Material: PEEK, PEEK CA30, PEEK CF30
Size: OEM is welcome. 
Weigth: 0.5~500g
Process: CNC machining or molding injection


* Strong and stiff plastic

* Outstanding chemical resistance

* Good mechanical properties at elevated temperatures

* Resistant to hot water and steam

* Bearing grade PEEK has excellent wear characteristics

* UL 94 V-0 flammability rating

* Very low smoke and toxic gas emissions when exposed to flame

Typical Applications:

* Semiconductor machinery components

* Pump and valve seals, components

* Electrical components, Insulation parts

* The surgical and dental equipments that required repeat using and sterilization, and body parts

* Food processing machinery components.

szbergek peek sector gear

Advantages of PEEK:

1. Lower fuel consumption and environmental impact with lighter solutions;

2. Improve component life through elastic performance in a wide temperature range;

3. Enhanced durability and excellent wear resistance of components;

4. Reduce downtime and component failures to resist harsh chemicals and natural elements;

5. Relying on long-term mechanical properties and dimensional stability;

6. Meet strict safety requirements, with low fire, smoke, and toxic emissions;

7. Greater component integrity due to excellent barrier performance on fluids and gases.

peek sector gear shenzhen

Perguntas frequentes

Q1:Will we Wo sign Non-Disclosure Agreements(NDA) ?

A:Yes.If it gives you peace-of-mind to sign an NDA,we are more than w ling to do so.But we have the rightkeep your design in confidential no matter NDA is signed or not.All factories are camera monitored.

Q2:How do I get a quote?

A:Please kindly provide us 3D or CAD solid model in Step, IGS,X_T format, normally Two-dimensional(2D)drawings are not adequate for accurate quoting or parts making B.Please tell us your requirement on quantisurface treatment.Color material,application enviranment for accurate pricing.

Q3:How quickly can l get my parts?

A:Quality parts can be made in 3-5 days if you provide us with complete 2Dand3DCAD models.Morecomplex parts requiring or other special features will take longer.As for shipping,most of our shipments arevia DHL, UPS,Fedex,which can take a few days from China to Europe or NorthAmerica.

Q4;How you do the quality control?

A: a.Materials inspection by IQC.

b.The fist sample inspected by QC,QC wild o over check as per the parameters list and critical dimensic requested by customers, to decide if it can go ahead for production.

c.During processing# our IP QC will check the injection molded parts every 2 hours,ensure no any rejects.

d.FQC will check the products before sending to the warehouse.

e.100% inspected by O QC before shipping out.

Shenzhen Bergek Technology Co.,LTD

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Bergek é um provedor de serviços de manufatura de classe mundial em Shenzhen. Temos equipamentos avançados para fornecer produtos personalizados para fabricantes em todo o mundo, com foco na usinagem CNC e fabricação de chapas metálicas. Descubra por que somos o fornecedor preferencial de empresas de classe mundial para ajudá-las a tornar seus projetos avançados de usinagem CNC e chapas de metal uma realidade.

Não apenas Usinagem CNC, fabricação de chapas metálicasNão apenas Usinagem CNC, fabricação de chapas metálicas, mas também tratamento de superfície, montagem e remessa, não importando suas peças de metal ou plástico, basta enviar-nos seus desenhos, nós o ajudaremos na realidade. Mas também no tratamento de superfície, montagem e envio, sejam peças metálicas ou plásticas, envie-nos os seus desenhos, vamos ajudá-lo a realidade.

Informação de Companhia

  • Nome da empresa: Shenzhen Bergek Technology Co.,LTD
  • representante: Xiong Kui
  • Produto / Serviço: fabricação de chapas de metal , serviço de corte a laser , dobra de chapa de metal , usinagem cnc , partes cnc , peças de moagem cnc
  • capital: $1 Million
  • Ano de Fundação: 2017
  • Volume anual de vendas (milhões EUA $): US$5 Million - US$10 Million
  • Porcentagem de exportação: 81% - 90%
  • Volume de Compra Anual Total (EUA $ Milhões): US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
  • N º de Linhas de Produção: 5
  • Número de Funcionários de I&D: 5 -10 People
  • Número de Funcionários QC: 5 -10 People
  • Serviços OEM Desde: yes
  • Tamanho da Fábrica (metros Quadrados): 3,000-5,000 square meters
  • Localização da Fábrica: 松岗街道潭头西部工业区A17栋1楼
  • Pessoa De Contato: Ms. Yang Rong
  • Número De Telefone: 86-0755-2300316
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